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We operate a dedicated team of Inspection Engineers trained specifically to inspect and test, or service any items of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) plant for you, whether supplied and installed by ourselves or other installations..

Our skilled and experienced BOHS P601 qualified personnel are operational throughout the U.K and are expert in all types of LEV installations, from schools and colleges to small workshops, garages and through to large industrial and commercial premises. Testing is carried out in accordance with guidelines set out in the Health and Safety Executives Guidance HSG258.

With any make or model of extraction system, we are able to offer you tailored services to suit your individual requirements. Typically visiting you once a year, however this is dependant upon the type of extraction system and it’s usage, we would be pleased to advise.

If you have recently been let down or overcharged by your current supplier send an e-mail enquiry now for a free no obligation quotation!

HSE LEV Prosecution

Stonemasons prosecuted after failure to test LEV system
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Firm prosecuted for failure to test LEV

Manufacturer prosecuted after failing to ensure a regular service was carried out to an LEV system
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Failure to maintain LEV results in prosecution

Woodworking firm prosecuted after failing to comply with improvement notice for LEV system
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