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Every piece of LEV Equipment must be tested by law under COSHH Regulations, at least once in every period of 14 months.

It is your legal obligation to comply with the legislation - the HSE will now charge back any Fees for Intervention including inspection, investigation and enforcement costs.

Furthermore failing to protect you workers will cause downtime, sickness absence and reduced productivity.

Having you LEV tested ensures you can prove it was effective and will negate legal claims from current/former employees.

Our service helps you to comply with your legal duties.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and carry out the test with minimal fuss.

All of our engineers are BOHS P601 qualified and test to HSG258 standard.


HSE LEV Prosecution

Company fined over £15,000 for not having LEV system tested
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Firm prosecuted for failure to test LEV

Manufacturer prosecuted after failing to ensure a regular service was carried out to an LEV system
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Failure to maintain LEV results in prosecution

Property Company prosecuted for failure to maintain and test LEV systems
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